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Here we have put together some publications which - among others - were prepared in recent years accompanying our project work. They should give you an insight into our work. Get an impression!
  1. Krause, H., Frick, A., Schiefloe, T: Life Cycle Support per Simulator. In: atp edition, 53(2011), J. 9, P. 32-38
  2. Krause, H., Frick, A.: Life cycle support groer Anlagen mit dem Emulator des Controllers AC 870P und der Melody-Familie. Vortrag auf dem GMA-Kongress Automation 2008, 03./04. Juni 2008, Baden-Baden (Download)
  3. Krause, H.: Virtual Commissioning of a large LNG plant with the DCS "800xA" by ABB. EUROSIM 2007, 6th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Ljubljana (Slowenien), September 9th-13th 2007 (Download)
  4. Krause, H.: Emulator for the digital control system "Symphony". ESS'2001, Simulation in Industry, 13th European Simulation Symposium and Exhibition, Marseilles (France), October 18th-20th 2001, SCS-Europe Ghent
  5. Krause, H.; Niss, T.: Emulator fr das Leitsystem "Melody" der ABB. VDI-VDE-Aussprachetag "Rechnergesttzter Entwurf von Regelungssystemen", 13./14. September 2001, Dresden
  6. Krause, H.: Emulator fr das Prozessleitsystem "Symphony Melody" der Firma ABB. Vortrag auf dem GMA-Kongress 2003, 03./04. Juni 2003, Baden-Baden
  7. *Krause, H.; Hassan, A.: Optimization of MSF Plants as Integral Part of a distributed Control System and as a Tool for Consultants. IDA World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse, Madrid, October 6 - 9, 1997. (Download)
  8. *Hassan, A., Krause, H.: Training simulators for MSF plants. IDA World Congress on Desalination and Water Sciences, Abu Dhabi, November 18 - 24, 1995 (Proceedings Vol. I, P. 325)
* These publications won awards as best papers presented.